Data Insight Group has association with multiple companies and contracts. Our Clients / Project Team are always scouting for resources, if you have interesting CV or Consultancy interests do get in touch with us. All communications with us is kept strictly confidential and not disclosed to any third party.

Presently we have requirements:

Requirement for Pune office:

  • Mobile Apps Developers : Android / Windows [OPEN as on Feb 2016]
  • GIS Analyst / Developers (ESRI, MapInfo) [OPEN as on Feb 2016]
  • Research Assistant: Study trends, track data and information [CLOSED]

Client Requirement: e-commerce project

  • Sales Customer Executive (04 positions), Pune [CLOSED]
  • Sales Retail Executive (02 positions), Pune [CLOSED]
  • Marketing Executive (02 positions), Pune [CLOSED]
  • Team Leader – Sales, Pune [CLOSED]

Send your latest CV to email:  info [at] datainsight-group [.] com