Instant Retrieval Intelligent System (IRIS™)

One of our iconic and widely used service architecture over 2 decades now being offered to big and small sizes of projects with latest inclusion of technological solutions to achieve end results.

IRIS is methodology to suite project cycles for integration into main stream or existing systems.


  • An application tool for efficient data gathering and management
  • A tool to capture real time information directly at central location – secured
  • Can capture – data, location, photo with ease
  • No need of Paper printing, scanning, data entry etc.
  • Customized system design solution for backward / forward linkages
  • Used effectively for Point of Interest – trees, water, electric, gas, obstacles, street lights etc
  • Used by Over 260 local authorities for various needs

IRIS Implementation:

  • SAAS model

    • NO Hardware, NO Software, NO Database, NO Expertise is required
  • Desktop Based

    • Basic Hardware, Software, Database, Trained people required to operate
  • Combo (SAAS model + Desktop)

    • Benchmarking data building locally & Analysis, Reports, Maps using SAAS
  • Viewer – FREE / Open Source

    • When IRIS is implemented for any of the above modules – All Analysis, Reports, Maps can be viewed on standard configuration PC’s / Laptop


  • For Slum Mapping (India) – Rajiv Aawas Yojana (RAY), Dharavi (DRP, Mumbai), Pune, Aurangabad already implemented.
  • For property Survey & Mapping (Local Authorities in UK / Private Companies)
  • For Street / Road Survey (Local Authorities in UK / Private Companies)
  • For obstacles Mapping (Local Authorities in UK / Private Companies)
  • For Water / Electric / Gas / Telecom Surveys
  • Town and Country Planning Department – updating / Digitising / Monitoring maps and data
  • Used for mapping in e-commerce (Private Companies, India)
  • Used for farm mapping (Private Companies, India)


  • Contractors / Vendors already working with Municipal Corporations / Local Authorities
  • IT / e-governance cell or departments of Local Authorities
  • NGO’s working on slum projects or socio economic survey tasks
  • Town and Country Planning Department
  • e-commerce companies – customer / vendors acquisitions
  • Resource mapping – road surveys, utility surveys


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