We are part of e-commerce focused on primarily Farming Sector. Our work has strong emphasis on Fruits & Vegetables [FnV] growing Farmers and Consumers in Tier 1 cities.  We call this initiative as F-Commerce [Farmers e-commerce]

Our Consultancy / Solutions are result of Research & Study over a decade related to Farm Produce & Consumer connect:

Building Direct Market for FnV growing Farmers who are Organic Producers, Healthy practises – environment friendly methods, using limited Pesticides / Chemicals or fertilisers and following good practises on farms.

Design and Development of Process, Solutions, Systems for Quality, packaging, Delivery mechanism for products which needs focused and dedicated working mechanism.

Policy, Changing Rules & Regulations,  APMC Acts, Governments Schemes & Agriculture focused Initiatives etc.

Mapping, Mobile, e-commerce techniques to ensure Quality and Fresh delivery to end Customers.

Data Insight Group has dedicated and Invested over 4 years along with partners, associates in field working with Farmers and Consumers. Our experience from past Research and technological know how from Industry along with farming status makes us very passionate about working in this areas.

What / How can we associate?

  • Use our Consultancy to work in this exciting, most promising / challenging growth focused sector
  • Partner with us to implement this theme of F-Commerce in your geographical area
  • Build your procurement facility using our Services
  • Work with us as Stake Holders, Partners, Associates or Producers

For more details please feel free to Contact Us