About Us

Data Insight Group over decades have partnered with various organisations to deliver services and solutions primarily focused around e-governance by partnering with companies / projects / contracts.  Actively working in areas of mapping, GIS, application development, system and architecture design over 2 decades.

Data Insight team across our multi location offices have successfully completed projects for over 230 local authorities in UK.  We have actively participated in e-gov 2005 mandate of UK government.  We have successfully completed and deployed IRIS  in Dharavi (Asia’s largest slum in Mumbai) and other similar projects in UK and India. We have association’s with private sector companies / NGO’s / Government Departments as domain experts in various capacities over multiple stages of projects.

We understand that domain expertise in e-governance sector is critical but not sustainable on permanent basis as part of inhouse team. Hence we are available to join hands as required during various stages of projects right from inception, bidding, execution, troubleshooting, delivery, monitoring and hand holding for any sizes of projects and team as part of stand alone or turn key projects.

Data Insight Group comprises team of domain experts coming from various background and bring along over decades of experience to undertake tasks / projects in e-governance sector.

Digital India – Government of India Initiative

Data Insight has strong domain expertise in working with systems and solution towards various initiatives undertaken in Digital India movement. We consider this as a great revolution towards bringing a massive transformation in overall systems and participation of all stake holders. We are happy to support and be a part of this initiative.

Our expertise is available to all stake holders, participants working in this area for e-govermance, m-governance, Smart City, GIS, Mapping, Property Tax, Building Permissions, Satellite Mapping, Slum Mapping, Utilities (Water, Drainage, Electricity, Gas), Waste Management, Systems Design and Integration for Departments etc.