As the technology has advanced this term has been rechristened as m-governance (mobile governance). This is most important pillar for effective governance, is a continuous process to bring in positive developments in society. With technology changing rapidly all players have to be integrated to build in efficient and effective working for people by stake holders in government departments.  Its not just limited to day to day functioning but essential for future and inter departmental cordial working.

Business and daily lives of citizens depends on how effectively e-governance is implemented in any geographic area of across countries. Transparency, accountability, speed and future readiness are the achievable goals of e-governance system.

Central governance systems at macro levels use it for effective policy level planning and Local Authorities play the most important role in micro level planning. Role of private players is also important as large size projects are now undertaken and needs systems and effective delivery mechanism by way of e-governance.

Data Insight Group has over 2 decades participated in this initiative and provided services and solutions at various stages.

How we can work together?

  • Study, Analyse and Report on present systems for e-gov readiness
  • RFP/RFQ preparation, evaluation, execution of contracts (Technical inputs/outputs)
  • System Design and Architecture in e-governance / m-governance
  • Design Systems, Standardisation and Parameters for mapping, integration, updation and access control etc. in public as well as inter departmental systems
  • Services for Procurement and processing of satellite imagery
  • Study and Reporting – Available Data, database, metadata, maps etc
  • Micro level planning for execution, monitoring, evaluation of ongoing as well as new projects
  • Project Management Services (PMS)
  • Integration of present modules and planned systems on integrated platforms
  • Updating from old outdated systems to ongoing technological systems
  • Monitoring and Maintaining current systems
  • Third party advisory service

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