Geographic Information System (GIS)  – We provide training to officials from various departments as part of short term courses / crash courses / on job training / workshops tailor made to suite requirements. All trainings are conducted at clients site using their own resources.

Training is focused on main 2 aspects using technology and systems in ongoing working scenario and training for developing systems or solutions for becoming a professional.

Basic entry level training can be conducted for batches of students who are formally undertaking course and we can facilitate their modules using industry experience.  Brief Course structure:

Introduction: Definition, Components, History

Data Model: Vector, Raster

Uncertainty in GIS: In conception of Geographic Phenomena, In Measurement and Representation, In Analysis of Geographic Phenomena

Generalisation: Basics, Methods, Measuring the Degree of Generalization

Data Assimilation: Primary Sources (Conventional Land Surveys, GPS / DGPS Data, Satellite Data). Secondary Sources (Old Maps, Existing data from various agencies, Satellite images / Aerial Photographs)

Error Rectification in Spatial Data: Errors in Primary Data, Errors in Secondary Data, Topological Errors and Data Rectification

Data Display Cartography: Symbolization, Map Types, Typography, Map Design

Data Exploration: Descriptive Statistics, Graphs, Attribute Data Query (SQL based), Spatial Data Query

Basic Details of Structured Modules: GIS Training

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